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Intellectual property, and especially inventions, is almost always at the heart of any innovation, and patents are the key indicators of their originality. Part VI of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the key regulation governing the legal protection of inventions. An invention patent certifies the priority, authorship and confirms its owner’s exclusive rights.

The protectable inventions include a technical solution in any field related to the product (e.g. device, substance, microorganism strain, cell culture of plants or animals) or process (processing of a tangible object using any means).

Initially, not every development can be referred to inventions, and solutions referred to protectable inventions may be non-patentable, since they do not meet the criteria established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Steps for obtaining an invention patent in the Russian Federation

In general, the patenting process includes the following steps:

● Patent search

● Applying to the Patent Office of the Russian Federation

● Examination as to form of application

● Publication of information on the invention application

● Examination of the invention application on the merits

● Invention registration and issue of the patent

● Publication of information on the invention patent

After publication of information on the invention patent, the information included in the application becomes public and anyone can review it by applying to Rospatent or through electronic patent databases.

Remember, the patent owner shall pay the annual patent maintenance fee. Otherwise, the patent will be terminated.

Experts of Petukhov & Partners PLF LLC are ready to take on all the above works on patenting your invention and provide support on all stages of this process.

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