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International Patenting

The sharp rise in popularity of international patenting and cross-border use of intellectual property is a characteristic feature and demonstration of contemporary international economic conditions. One of the reasons is the global connection of national economies, including due to the emergence of new information and communication technologies.

Today, all states apply the territorial principle of patent rights application, i.e. an invention patent is only valid in the country issuing it. There are also so-called regional patents, which are applicable in a number of countries included in one of the regional associations (European Patent Office (EPO), Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO), African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO)).

International patenting involves the observance of many regulations, accuracy and timeliness of legal actions based on applicable international and national regulations. Therefore, when deciding to patent an invention, including international patenting, it is advisable to develop an personal patenting strategy. Proper definition of the patenting strategy will significantly reduce the financial and time costs to achieve the main goal, to get the international patent.

To get a foreign patent, the applicant may use one of the available international patenting processes.

1. National Patenting

2. PCT Patenting

3. Eurasian Patenting

4. European Patenting

Experts of Petukhov & Partners Patent Law Firm have a vast experience in foreign patenting and partnerships with patent attorneys in many countries around the world, so that you can successfully complete the foreign patenting process under any regulaions. We are ready to perform any foreign patenting works and provide support in case of disposal of your rights (link to the License Agreements section).

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