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Industrial Designs

Industrial designs are the intellectual property in the field of design.

Part VI of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the key regulation governing the legal protection of industrial designs and other patent rights. An industrial design patent certifies the priority, authorship and confirms its owner’s exclusive rights.

Protectable industrial designs include the designs of industrial or handicraft products. For example, the original design of packaging for goods, appliances, confectionary, furniture or cars may be protected as industrial designs.

It is important to know that like inventions and utility models, not every design can be referred to protectable industrial designs, and solutions referred to protectable industrial designs may be non-patentable, since they do not meet the criteria established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Today, all states apply the territorial principle of the intellectual property protection. An industrial design patent registration means that the applicant receives exclusive rights in the particular country (countries), where the application was filed and the patent is ultimately applicable. In other words, a patent issued in Russia is only valid in Russia.

Experts of Petukhov & Partners Patent Law Firm will be happy to provide you a full range of services related to identification of patentable solutions and their preliminary analysis, patent search, drafting of the application and keeping of records associated with patenting of industrial designs. This will allow you to materially save your time and reduce the risk of refusal to issue a patent. As part of our advice, you will get the comprehensive information on industrial design patenting and further protection of your rights in court and Chamber of Patent Disputes.

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