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Trademark Extension

In accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and many other countries, the exclusive trademark right is valid for 10 years.

Important Note! The validity of a trademark is generally calculated from the trademark application date rather than the date of its registration.

The legislator provided for the possibility to extend the trademark rights for an unlimited number of times, for 10 years in each case.  The trademark owner must apply for extension to Rospatent’s Federal Institute of Industrial Property within the last year of the trademark validity period and pay the corresponding patent fee. The resolution on extension of the exclusive trademark right is made based on the application review.  Extension of the exclusive right is confirmed by the Annex to the Trademark Certificate indicating the new term sent to the owner.

If for any reason you do not extend the trademark right, you may be granted an additional period of six months to appropriately apply to Rospatent.  In this case, the patent is increased by 50%.

If you miss this additional period, your trademark right will be terminated, and you will lose the right to restore it. In this case, you will be able to “revive” the trademark only by applying for its registration.

Our experts will help to extend trademark rights registered in the Russian Federation and other countries, draw all necessary documents and provide support during the registration process.

All you need to do is to contact us.  You can contact us in any convenient way, including by a telephone call to our office, email request or request a call back on our website.

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