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Trademark Registration

One of the most effective measures to protect the corporate identity, logos, names of products or companies is their registration as trademarks. This registration type is provided by the laws both of the Russian Federation and many other countries.

After the successful protectability assessment of your logo or name, you shall initiate the trademark registration process.  What is it like?


Trademark Registration Process

In general, the trademark registration process may be divided into several steps.

Step Description

Paperwork timing

Trademark registration application Drafting of application documents for subsequent submission to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FGBU FIPS) of Rospatent. 1-3 days
Application filing Filing the application to FGBU FIPS.  The filing date will be used to set your trademark priority, i.e. the effective date of your trademark rights. When filing the trademark application, you must pay of a patent fee for registration of the trademark application and examination of the claimed designation. 1 day*
Examination as to form of application During the examination as to form the application is checked for completeness and accuracy. 1 month and longer
Examination of the claimed designation In the course of examination the claimed designation is checked for registrability in accordance with the applicable laws. 10 months and longer
Trademark registration and granting of the document of title (certificate) Subject to successful examination of the claimed examination (issue of the Resolution on Registration of Designation as a Trademark) and payment of the corresponding patent fee , the applicant receives a Trademark Certificate. 1 month
Publication of the registered trademark in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks Registration of the registered trademark in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks, and electronic databases and registers of Russian registered trademarks. 2-3 weeks

The Certificate confirms your exclusive trademark right valid for 10 years. The exclusive trademark right may be renewed at the right holder’s request an unlimited number of times. By registering your trademark rights, you can also legally license the right to use your trademark to third parties or sell it under an alienation agreement.

Experts of Petukhov & Partners Patent Law Firm provide a full range of services related to trademark registration, from protectability examination and drafting of the trademark application to issue of the Certificate.


What you need to do to initiate the trademark registration process?

To initiate registration of a trademark, you may choose to:

● Tell us that you want to exercise exclusive rights to your designation by calling or emailing us or through the online form on our website;

● fill in the Online Trademark Registration Application on our website;

● Request a callback on our website and discuss all issues on registration of your trademark with our expert;

● Contract us to provide a range of services related to registration of a trademark or proceed to registration under the existing contract.

Our experts will answer your questions and help to agree on further steps to register your trademark.

We guarantee the strict confidentiality of all materials and information available to us!


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *In early 2014, Petukhov & Partners PLF LLC became the first certified user of Rospatent’s electronic trademark filing system in the region. Our clients have already appreciated the significant advantages of this system:

● Urgent applications and granting the trademark priority (including the issue of a document confirming receipt of the application by FGBU FIPS). It is possible to file the application on the day of applying for the service (24/7 and 7-day a week email service);

● Immediate receipt of all resolutions and notices of the Patent Office examination after their issuance by FGBU FIPS experts;

● Lower trademark registration application fee.

Apply for Trademark Registration On-line

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